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A blog that's just as exciting as earning money!

What is it like working with Lush Models?

Work when you want and where you want! As a Lush Model you are your own boss, so there is no pressure on you to follow a set schedule or to be on cam for a certain amount of time. You work whenever and wherever it is convenient for you to do so!

Looking for a cam girl job?

Lush Models webcam agency models earn over £1000+ per week. Your earning potential is limitless!


We are currently seeking females, males & couples 18+ to become part of the Lush Models webcam agency team!

We recruit the widest range of models from uni students, nine-to-fivers, part timers, stay at home mums and many more. So no matter what you do we can help you level up. 


We work with one of the largest adult webcam networks with the highest traffic and our team are here to assist you from start to finish and on hand 24/7.


Getting started has never been easier!

Free Training and Support


Our goal is to help you become financially independent, therefore you will have exclusive access to our group chat where you can chat to other models and the team support will be there to assist you anytime.


You can even arrange a virtual call!


We also provide one to one training to help you increase your earning potential. Full exclusive training on all areas of the site and systems used!

What is it like working with Lush Models?

Lush Models have years of experience building up close relationships with producers/clients/performers so you don't have to – we know what gets results! We’re here to help you from our own vast experience.


Lush Models also helps you to stand out. We use advanced design techniques and effective marketing techniques to help you get more bookings and provide clients with a unique experience that will make them come back for more which means more money earned for you!

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Unlimited Pay

No cap earnings! We offer the highest payout in comparison to any other webcam agencies in the UK. If you find one higher, tell us and we’ll raise the stakes!

Weekly Pay - With us you don't wait 2 weeks for your money, get paid every week!


Daily Pay - Get paid everyday the earnings that you made the day before, it's that simple!


Payout on Request - Request your earnings and get paid within the hour! 


Referral bonus

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Change Your Life Today

Webcam Modelling Agency - Become A Cam Girl

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