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Tips & tricks for Webcam Models

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Being a Webcam Model is all about putting on a show for the enjoyment of those who watch them. Creating an experience for the viewer is a very important stage, that’s why webcam models who are at the beginning of their career, especially those working for the first time, should learn a few tricks from Lush Models so that they can start to earn money quickly.

1. Try to always look your best because physical appearance, as well as personality, will play an important role in your success.

2. Wear sexy lingerie and high heels. Get your nails done and use makeup, but don’t overdo it. Also, don’t forget the hair!

3. Make sure you have enough light projected on you so that the web cam streams clear images. That’s why it’s very important to work in a professional cam studio that will provide all the necessary logistics.

4. The microphone must always be on when you are online because members love to listen to your voice. Successful webcam models make their money by talking, not by typing.

5. Try to take notes after each private session, so you’ll easier remember your clients. However, if you forget about them and they behave like they know you, pretend that you have spoken before to them because nobody wants to go unnoticed.

6. Talk to your members using their names on the screen as much as possible, especially when you ask questions.

7. Laugh and smile as often as you can because the way webcam models act is often more important than how they look like.

8. Find a way to say yes to every request from the members by flirting and using your creativity.

9. Keep your toys handy so that they can be more accessible at the beginning of each private show.

10. It’s important to spend a lot of time with your clients, but when they ask something from you, you shouldn’t give the impression that you’re tricking them into spending as much time with you in private only to take their money. Webcam models should fulfil viewers desires without letting them wait too long.

11. Be friendly to everyone. Find the fantasy of each member to convince him to interact with you in private.

12. You’re a star for all the viewers of these live cam websites, so if you wink, send kisses and give everyone individual, but short attention, you are more likely to be paid for a private session.

13. Online modelling is just like any other job, so you have to be very serious and committed in order to earn a lot of money and to create a stable base of regular members who have reasons to look for you every time they want to have fun.

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