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Boost your Bank Balance from your Bedroom

UK's Best Webcam Agency

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A unique opportunity to earn as much as you want with no restrictions. Become financially independent with basic earnings ranging from £400 to £1000+ a week.

Cam girl jobs
cam girl jobs
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Webcam Modelling Agencie
Cam Girl Jobs

Work From Home

At Lush Models, we give you the freedom to work from anywhere you like. Most of our models choose to work from the comfort of their own homes with hours that suit them.



We offer weekly cash bonuses/vouchers on top of your earnings. As well as opportunities to win exclusive beauty packages and treatments!

cam girl jobs benefits
cam girl job benefits
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Whats Required to be a Webcam Model?

  • Must be 18 years old or over

  • Valid ID (Passport/ Full or Provisional UK Driving Licence/ Citizenship Card & Birth Certificate).

  • Laptop with an operating camera preferably or alternatively a Smart Device (phone/tablet/Mac/iPad).

  • Fast internet connection. 

  • You do not need to be a British Citizen, however you must be living in the UK.


How to get started as a Webcam Model....

Step 1


  • You must be 18 years and older to apply -

  • Have a valid ID (Passport/ Full or Provisional UK Driving Licence/ Citizenship Card & Birth Certificate

  • You do not need to look like a model and you don’t need any experience as we provide full 1 to 1 support & training

Step 2

Profile Set Up

  • We set up your profile for you. You will have full access to your profile and will be able to make changes and add to your profile any time

  • All you need to become a successful webcam model is a laptop and a webcam. This can be a built-in webcam into your laptop or an external one which connects to your laptop. Alternatively you can use a Smart Device e.g. phone, tablet, Mac, iPad etc

  • In addition to this you will need to have strong WIFI connection

Step 3

Start Earning

  • Log in and start making money! You get paid by the minute, which means you're able to easily track your earnings, and you're ultimately in control of how much you earn every day!

  • Set a goal for yourself of how much you want to earn for the day/week and make it happen!

The new wave of modelling is here!

Here's everything you need to know about how to become a webcam model and get involved. 

  1. Webcam Modelling is fun, safe and a great way to make extra money all from the comfort of your own home. 

  2. You can keep this as private and discreet or open and out there as you like. The choice is yours!

  3. Webcam modelling has become more and more popular over the years. It is a multi-billion pounds industry which has made successful models worldwide. 

  4. You can become a part of this new webcam modelling world in just three, very easy steps listed above! 

Become a Webcam Model

cam girl model
cam girl model

Getting Paid: We Pay You

More Ways To Make Money

Most of our models are taking home between £400 to £1000+ a week.
There is no joining or any fees for you to pay. 

You will only ever earn money. 
Payments are made either Daily, Weekly or on Request. It’s your choice!

With us you can earn money in more ways than one as we have lot’s of different streams of income to offer!
This includes: private photo’s, video clips, phone chat, texting and more! We also have new ambassador & influencer roles, get paid to post on social media!

#Instagram Feed

What makes Lush Models different to other agencies? 

The Lush Models Agency was created with a specific focus on the webcamming community, and so our choice of ethos had to be equal parts elegant, professional and daring. We carefully crafted an array of services that gave us everything we need to best match our models with clients from around the world, enabling them to live out their erotic fantasies in front of many eyes! We are now the UK’s number 1 Webcam Agency for new and long standing model recruitment.


Being a webcam model is an exciting and very rewarding job, at times it can be difficult and stressful, just like any other job, that’s where we come in, webcam models need someone to take care of the administration side, a hub and a team that is on hand to help in any situation. Lush Models provide all the support you’ll need along with great opportunities to meet new people, experience different types of modelling, familiarise yourself with different techniques and just enjoy being in front of the camera whilst getting paid for it as a cam girl model!

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What is it like working with Lush Models?

Lush Models have years of experience building up close relationships with producers/clients/performers so you don't have to – we know what gets results! We’re here to help you from our own vast experience.


Lush Models also helps you to stand out. We use advanced design techniques and effective marketing techniques to help you get more bookings and provide clients with a unique experience that will make them come back for more which means more money earned for you!

What is a Camgirl job?

Cam girl jobs are the next generation of influencers roles. Many females want to be a model, influencer or brand ambassador but don’t know how to become a webcam model. They also don’t know how much a webcam model makes and what it actually entails.


If you are interested in becoming a webcam model, watch any of our videos or read through our FAQs section where we answer the most common questions that people have about webcam modelling. We do not go into detail regarding rates as this is unique to each individual model, but our videos do show you what it is really like to be a model so that you can decide whether this is something for you or not (if you haven't ever seen a cam before!) Our application process is private and discreet so no one will ever know personal details. 


A very important factor to consider with the webcam model industry is that there are literally thousands of cam girl job opportunities out there and it can often take models hours to find the right one that suits you. Lush models take care of the hassle in a safe and secure way, whilst mentoring you to your best!

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The best UK Webcam Model Agency

Lush Models is the UK’s best webcam agency that provides a secure and safe online platform for webcam models from all over the UK, allowing them to work from home safely like never before while having the best support from the group manager, mentors and current models 24/7. We offer free training to all our successful applicants and daily tips that ensure you are earning lots of money!

No Pressure!

Also, you can work the hours you want in your cam girl job! The more you work the more you will earn, it’s as simple as that. It’s entirely up to you how much or how little you want to work. 

What our models say...

Sophie has been enjoying her cam girl job working with Lush Models for over 2 years since the site was first born. In this time she’s had over 100’s of different clients, many of which have become good friends with whom she stays in contact, even after their sessions together have finished. “No matter what someone asks me or feels comfortable doing it is my job to help them explore and enjoy themselves, I often get messages from models in the group asking for support and I’m happy to share all my tips and tricks!”

Benefits of working with us

  • Free sign up - no signup fees ever!

  • Quick profile set up - less than 24 hours and you’ll be ready to go and start earning lot’s of money

  • Weekly pay or on request - Pay day is every Tuesday unless you want an early payout just ask!

  • Daily tips - Motivation and consistency is key so we’re here to help keep you energised!

  • Monthly bonuses - Opportunities to increase your payouts 

  • Competitions and raffles - group fun 

  • Choose your own hours - There’s money to be made 24/7 so you can work whenever you want

  • 24/7 Support - Models are always active in our group chat so you can ask anything, anytime

  • Free social media promotion - Option for us to promote you on our social media pages

What our models say...

“No job, unable to pay rent?”

Solution: Become a webcam model. Models make money. Models pay rent (sort of).


“I want to be a model”

Solution: If you’re aged 18+, shapely, hot and catwalk-ready, then becoming a professional webcam model is your chance to strut your stuff.


We make it possible to earn income working from home in your lounge wear.  Apply today and get paid tomorrow!

Join us now!

Private application process - your personal details remain private

Easy 3 step verification process - Photo ID check

Why we are the best webcam company to work with in the UK!

Webcam modelling has become increasingly popular in the UK, as well as other parts of the world. Lush Models is the best webcam company to work for in the UK because they offer a wide range of services including webcam model recruitment and training, marketing and promoting, as well as providing a platform for the models to perform on. They also provide other services such as photoshoots and video production, hair and make-up and other professional support.

Whether you have experience or not, Lush Models accept new models with no prior experience, providing them with the necessary training and support. Starting as a webcam model doesn't require much investment in terms of money, time or specific skills as you learn on the job.

Webcam modelling allows individuals to work from the comfort of their own home, so you can have a flexible schedule. Some models prefer webcam modelling as it allows them to remain anonymous and maintain a level of privacy.


The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, with a growing demand for live streaming and interactive content. The award winning agency, Lush Models is the best webcam company to work for in the UK. They were voted Modelling Agency of the year in 2022.

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Webcam Modelling Agency - Become A Cam Girl

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