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Motivate Yourself

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Dig deep and conquer any obstacle but you must be willing to put in the work and discipline yourself!

Webcam Model Top Tips:

  • Be flirty and friendly

  • Make sure your lighting and webcam quality are well set up

  • Wear an outfit/underwear set/bodysuit when you’re online

  • Lead conversations to keep them flowing

  • Be confident in what you do! (even though you may not be)

  • Most importantly, have fun!

Male Webcam Models

You want to become a male model, but don't know how to start? Well, join our agency and we will find you the right opportunity.

Lush Models are happy to include male models in our agency. We have an open call now and we are looking for all types of male models, who are interested to join our agency.

We have created this page for you to become a member of our agency and start growing your career. You’d be surprise how much you can earn with us!

You will have the opportunity to work with UK’s number one webcam modelling agency.

Webcam Models are widely known to be females, however the male side of the business is hardly discussed. Therefore, now is the time to get your foot in the door. The demand for male models is ever growing and now the opportunity to collaborate with female models is in high demand.

You can make money from your looks!

If you're a model who's just starting out or are looking to add diversity to your portfolio, we'd love for you to join our agency. We work with all kinds of male models and welcome applicants from a variety of backgrounds, physique and experience!

We want the next generation of male models to be in our lineup!

We are always on the hunt for new faces and if you believe that you've got what it takes to be a male model, please apply.

How To Be A Good Webcam Model

Get noticed

The profile that a model creates must contain specific details that stipulate his/her best characteristics. First of all start with your vital statistics which must be portrayed in such a way that the client is drawn towards you. This could be many things such as; hair colour, eye colour, body physique and postures.

A key focus of this should be photos in various outfits, both sexy and everyday photos. The sensual outfits should accentuate your best features.

Good Equipment

First and foremost it is essential to have high speed internet connection, to go along this an up to date PC or laptop with a high definition webcam. You can also use your phone, tablet or iPad however for the best results we recommend using a laptop or MacBook.

Secondly ensure you have adequate lighting to illuminate your face, body and surroundings. Additionally your device should have a good quality microphone so you can interact with your clients effectively.

Be Confident

A major factor in a successful client call is the confidence of the model. Even though you may not be confident, you cannot let this be visible to clients.

Here are out top tips in being portraying confidence:

  1. Smile - a smile will not only relax your clients but it will give you the confidence to open a conversation. If your clients is a first timer, often the clients will be as nervous as you so a smile breaks the ice.

  2. Introduce yourself - spark a conversation straight away by introducing yourself which will then leave your conversation open for questions.

  3. Comfort - You should be comfortable in your outfit so choose something you are happy with. That way you move around freely and it will look natural. Only do what you’re comfortable with, and what you want to do - you’re always in control!

Webcam Model Training

Even though you work independently, you are part of a huge team and have a great backing. We are here to support you and you needs.

We specialise in training all our models so you can become the best at what you do! We have training packs with step by step guides for you to follow in your own time.

Our dedicated group managers are available for one on one sessions.

With the group chat members online 24/7, we post daily tips and motivation to help you stay focused and money motivated!

Fancy a good read? Our Lush Models blog is off the charts with detailed insights into the real world of webcam modelling.

Our models spill the T on everything!


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