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Model Life - Muscle Worship

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Emily Paris is a 28-year-old professional female body builder and wrestler, this blog will give some insights into her career and her successful transition into the World of webcam modelling. Emily began her wrestling career as a 14-year-old teenager, competing in local competitions for both boys and girls. At that point it was very much a hobby, whereby it involved training after school, as an extra-curricular activity, and then had to stop after she finished high-school.

She subsequently moved to the UK in 2015, and later in 2016, after quite a long break from wrestling and training, she got back into the gym for training, realised that her passion for wrestling had not extinguished, and she fell more in love with the sport. Not only was she training more and enjoying being in the gym, but she realised she was making friends with like-minded individuals, whilst also becoming more and more addicted to the gym and training, during which her passion for body building began. By 2018, she was regularly training according to a strict regime, whilst adhering to a diet that was consistent with health and nutrition required for body building purposes.

female body building competition

2019 was her defining moment, where she represented herself in the first body building competition, finishing in a very respectable 5th place, out of more than 100 girls competing. After this, she focussed more on her body building, as opposed to wrestling, gaining more body definition and muscular symmetry.

At this point she discovered the world of webcam modelling and joined the very successful Lush Models agency on a well-known webcamming website. This site is a great platform for clients seeking online chats with beautiful ladies. Lush Models provided Emily with great support and help in setting up her webpage, whilst also giving advice on how to improve the numbers of clientele who contacted her.

During these sessions, one of her regular clients told her about a venue in London that promotes adult wrestling sessions, including those who would like to be dominated by muscular females, and training the girls how to do this. Emily then decided to include physical meets, in addition to her webcamming portfolio, with men who like to be dominated with wrestling, and involved no nudity at all.

Clients requests varied from person to person, with many of them having different fetishes, and some of these are included below:

  • Muscle worship-loving her muscles without touching (sometimes with touching)

  • Lifting them

  • Putting them over her back

  • Kicking them

  • Throwing them on the floor

  • Squashed by her quads

  • Hab scissoring

  • Head locks

  • Biceps choke hold

  • Tap out after being choked

Once a booking was received, Emily would contact the client with what they required, discussing what they would like to happen in the meeting at the discreet venue in London, how she should dress e.g. leather outfits, gym gear, uniforms, no fitting back etc. In this respect, Emily would charge 250 pounds per hour, and non-refundable deposit of 100 pounds was essential to confirm each and every booking. On the day of the meet, clients would attend the venue and assure that payment was made in cash. A highly lucrative area for Emily as her clientele expanded rapidly, gaining more and more followers and client base.

Currently, Emily is preparing for another body building competition and this involves adequate preparation, including both training and a healthy nutritional diet. Her regime includes training sessions in the gym five times a week, whilst at home she also has a strict regime. Five mornings in a week she does cardio training using an exercise bike, whilst also doing weight training for all the muscular regions, including arms and legs.

gym personal trainer uk

Her dietary needs are also as strict, breakfast includes porridge, together with whey protein and almond milk, and microwaving this for two minutes, then an inclusion of dark chocolate, peanuts and fruits. Her evening diet is also very high in proteins, including Fish, Chicken, and Turkey for her main meals, alongside salads, but without carbohydrates. Two to three hours before bed, snacking only, including peanuts and almonds for protein, fruits/berries (those with less sugar or carbohydrate content), and rice cakes. These strict measures for training and diet allow Emily to maintain her body shape for her webcamming but also for the physical endurance during wrestling meets with clients.

Emily has a few professional tips for models to stay fit, which can apply for their webcamming, as well as physical meets. These are , but not limited to, the following:

  • Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated

  • Drink a glass of water with fresh lemon in the morning

  • Drink water containing apple cider vinegar

  • Have a detox breakfast

  • Eat a healthy nutritious breakfast that provides energy for the whole day

  • Walk 30 mins per day

  • Perform home-workout or dances

  • Stick more regular but smaller meals throughout the day, but avoid big proteins that can make you bloated for camming.

  • Very important to get 7 to 8 hours sleep to always look fresh

  • Make sure to do adequate preparation for camming, making an effort to look better will mean nicer/longer calls

Agency: Lush Models @lushxmodels

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