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Hot Girl Summer

Updated: Mar 3

We’re here to take over, not take part! Join us for the summer of a life time!

Whether you want to start something new, take a career break or just earn more money, we’ve got a huge variety of options for you.

Webcam Modelling

All you need to become a webcam model is to be 18 +, own a smart device with a camera and have fast internet connection.

It’s fun, interactive and you get to meet lots of new people all from the comfort of your own home.

Be your own boss, set your own hours and fake it until you make it!

You don’t need to have any experience as we provide all the support you need to get started and keep going!

Make Money Whilst Travelling

If you love travelling and taking photos and videos, then why not get paid for it? Join the travel social media revolution, work from anywhere and make lots of money. Our platform enables you to earn real income online by promoting brands in an authentic way.

The exact same way you would make your instagram account popular and promote your specific image, we help our clients promote their brands and products in a credible way. With our platform it doesn't matter where you live or work from.

People love to see you sharing photos of your adventures and we can help you build a relationship between you and the brands we represent.

hot girl summer

Summer Model Jobs

Pack your bags we’re going on holiday…..

This summer promote yourself and become social media famous! Go viral with our brands and services overnight!

There’s something for everyone, whether you want to become a webcam model, do photoshoots or become a social media influencer we’ve got you!

Whilst you're enjoying your summer holidays, get paid for your posts and become a digital nomad. Jet off, travel and take stunning photos of the journey, location, food, drinks, outfits and your friends and yourself! We’ll turn your photos and videos into regular income for you throughout your summer!

Enjoy your independence from anywhere in the world and the extra income by posting photos and videos of your favourite brands and sharing your lifestyle with our community of passionate beauty, health & fitness lovers.

Don’t forget to keep in great shape by exercising regularly, keeping hydrated and looking after yourself, self care is very important in this industry. Make time for yourself so you can always be at your best!

hot girl summer 2024

Summer Jobs

So what’s the difference between all the opportunities? Let’s break it down.

Webcam Modelling

Live streaming video and phone chats, get paid per minute and take home a super high percentage!


One off photo and video opportunities with top photographers in the industry! Get paid per hour, enjoy free food and even free clothing.

Content Creator

Get paired with amazing new brands, products and services and get paid to create content for them! They will post you on their social media platforms which can range from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and many more. You will be paid for each post you can produce.


If you have a substantial following behind you then you have the opportunity to represent a company, brand or product on your social media page and there’s!

All the summer model jobs include freebies and discounts with top brands. Exclusive access to products and services before they are launched and even get invited to red carpet events!

Turn your passion for being in front of the camera into an amazing career!

Join the UK’s number one webcam modelling agency today.

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